Friday, 4 March 2016

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For almost 30 years, I have been running roleplaying games remotely by mail, email and forum post. Despite this, I have never been the player, always the GM. The last time I picked up a set of dice to roll my own player character was about 1986 so it was with some excitement that I joined a community of gamers on Gamer's Plane, a dedicated play by post site.

After some introductions on the forum, I rolled up my brand new character for a game of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. I've not played D&D since 2nd edition and a lot has changed. It's a lot simpler for a start, which as a newb I'm very thankful for.

So I introduce you to Father Belethor, Human Priest of Lathander....

In his mid-forties and quite rotund, Belathor found faith late in life. Formerly a heavy drinker and gambler, he was converted by his village's local priest of Lathander and given a new start. His fervent devotion to both his temple and healing the sick outweighs his lack of knowledge and constant misquoting texts.
His mace was handed down from his father, a former mercenary turned bodyguard for the local temple. He lost his life defending the church from bandits. His belief in Lathander's tennents of birth and renewal are what keep him going.

Belathor's love of money sometimes raises it's ugly head but never at the expense of the church.

Trait - Often quotes and misquotes from sacred texts. Nothing can shake his optimistic attitude
Ideals - Aspiration - Seeks to prove himself worthy
Bonds - Will protect his village temple at all costs
Flaws - Judges others and himself

The adventure he's lined up to join is called Death House, an adventure set in the Ravenloft world and I can't wait!

Gamer's Plane looks like an excellent site to play by post and my own Knifesedge Games may run something through there. 

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