Saturday, 7 December 2013

New Class comes to Neverwinter!

I've had an off and on relationship with Neverwinter lately, but the new expansion released this week, Shadowmantle, has dragged me back in with an introduction of a class I've longed for, the Hunter Ranger.

The class plays like a dream, awesome ranged power will the ability to hop backwards to put more space between yourself and the enemy, this actually plays better than my favourite class in Lotro, the Hunter!

I've not played through any of the new content yet, but for the release of this class alone (and Free to Play!) I hail Perfect World for a job well done. If you haven't tried it yet, give Neverwinter a go. It's a blast!.

New Ebook for Gary McMahon (and our first Prize Draw Giveaway!)

On 10th December, the mighty Gary McMahon's latest work, 'Where you live' will be unleashed on the world in ebook format via Crystal Lake Publishing.

"Horror is everywhere… It’s waiting behind a closed door, sitting in an ordinary chair, or following you on a country walk. Perhaps it’s washed up on a tranquil beach, hanging at a local skate park, recorded on an MP3 player hard drive, or even embedded somewhere deep within the design of something as simple and innocuous as a supermarket barcode. Horror is everywhere, in the shadows and in the light. It takes on every shape, comes in every conceivable size. But most of all it’s right where you live."

Crystal Lake have offered us an ebook copy so this is our first giveaway! Just leave a comment under this post by Saturday 14th December, for a chance to win a copy!

If you can't wait til then, or prefer something solid to read, by all means grab a copy from Amazon, which is already available in paperback!


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Special Offers from Shadow Publishing


For a limited period only. Order the following three titles using PayPal at the website and get the three books (worth £31) for £20, including postage:
'The Whispering Horror' by Eddy C. Bertin (very limited stock with bookplates issued at the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton, signed by Eddy, cover artist Harry Morris and editor Dave Sutton);
'The Lurkers in the Abyss and Other Tales of Terror', signed by author David A. Riley; 'Worse Things Than Spiders and Other Stories', signed bookplate by Samantha Lee.

Also available for UK customers by personal cheque - email David Sutton for details.

PRE-ORDER 'TALES OF THE GROTESQUE' 25% DISCOUNT. This rare collections of tales by L. A. Lewis will be publishing in paperback for the first time early in 2014. I am offering copies on pre-order at 25% discount, plus postage, ordered from the website via PayPal.

Also available for UK customers by personal cheque - email David Sutton for details.

Visit the Website for further details