Monday, 31 August 2015

Blaugust Day 31 - The madness is finally over!

Blaugust is finally drawing to a close and what a month it turned out to be. I managed to post every one of the 31 days, even while travelling for the first few days of the month.

During the time, I made a few new gamer contacts, found some great blogs and realised how truly impressive what Belghast and others do, writing every day, is. Some of these I'll adding to sites blogroll, when I get around to it.

I have picked up 16 new followers on Twitter as a direct result and Blaugust and received a number kind comments on the blog. My page views naturally shot up, though oddly I posted an extra post that I didn't tag as Blaugust (via my Indie Horror blog) and it got double the views.

I tagged each daily post with #blaugust on Twitter and titled each post such, as requested by Belghast. I also posted them as a Blog in Anook and on the Annok forum for each specific day. It taught me the importance of Social Media for spreading the word and even though it was at a time when Bloggers were supporting each other, the usefulness of such tools cannot be underestimated.

I also learned not to be so strict with Gamer to do lists. I'm not great at sticking to them, but I found it helpful to set goals through the month.

Blaugust has also helped me decide the future of my blogs. Shortly before it began, I consolidated my three blogs at but was still posting to each individually then exporting/importing. I've now decided that the gaming element will now be posted directly and my old will be left as an archive. The gardening and horror blogs, which I posted to much less frequently, will continue to have their own homes but will be cross posted to

So, thanks to Belghast for putting us all through this, congratulations to all the bloggers that made it to end, commiserations to those that dropped out early, hopefully you can try again next can have my slot :)

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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Blaugust Day 30 - Chickengard!

To end 'The Month a' the Chicken', a series of Chicken themed events on Landroval, our Kinship The Courserrim hosted a chicken race from Sandson's Farm to Isengard, this race has become known as Chickengard. Here's what our Kin leader Bredhe had to say prior to the event.

The Remediators entertaining at Sandson's Farm

A Race to Isengard
for Truly Plucky Chickens!

2:30 pm to 5 pm servertime
Sunday, August 30, 2015

For all Plucky Chickens!

Hosted by Courserrim & Friends
Welcoming music by the Remediators

Meet at Sandson’s Farm, The Shire, Landroval
Race Start Time: 3:00 pm
Finish Line: The first step to the entrance of the Tower of Orthanc

Which plucky Chicken will be the lucky one to reach the steps of the Tower of Orthanc first? That Chicken will win a fabulous prize of nine companions (a variety of cosmetic pets from Roving Threats, Osgiliath, Gondor, and festivals) because, of course, Chickens like to talk with other creatures!

Plucky Chickens should seek Helping Companions and Tenders to escort them on this perilous journey. Any route to Isengard may be taken. Any stratagems and other gimmicks employed by the Plucky Chicken and its friends may be used (including external communications, or other tricks to help navigate). Plucky Chickens should expect the way to be obstructed by great dangers. Watch out for frying pans.

Candidates for the Chickengard prize should begin gathering at Sandson’s Farm at 2:30 pm. Instructions will be reviewed at 2:45 pm. A roster of Plucky Chickens will be recorded, then session play should begin within 5 minutes of 3:00 pm. The race will begin promptly at 3:00 pm.  Straggling chickens may begin shortly after, with the hope of overtaking Chickens down the road, but please send a /tell to Bredhe to be added to the roster before entering session play.

It is recommended that you be at least eligible for Free Range, in order to get a maximum of 8 hours session play time. If you have not completed the regional quests, choose one of the two-hour quests, such as the Rivendell run.

Only one Plucky Chicken will win! 

Third Marshal Ashigaru Trecalia will serve as judge. The judge’s decision will be final. There will be no Court of Appeals. Once a chicken reaches the steps, the race is finished.

The race went well, although only two chickens took on the challenge, Rozalinde and Gloompeach, but a number of Kinmates and friends escorted, and even Warden Pinestro came to their aid at the gates of Orthanc to take down the Troll guards (which got me the title Gatecrasher!)

Both chickens finished the race, but Rozalinde clinched it by just 12 minutes! Truly Plucky Chickens!

Images Courtesy of  Bredhe Lillian

EDIT: Attendee Freemark has kindly posted a video of the Remediator's set for your enjoyment.

Video Courtesy of Timcoolish

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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Blaugust Day 29 - Pax Flu and I'm not even there!

I seem to have suddenly come down with something, so I don't feel good at all today but as we're so close to the end of Blaugust, I just had to get a post in.

I've not had a great deal of energy to play much today, tried a little Lotro. Diaspora has made it through the Paths of the Dead, so is starting the initial Gondor quests. As she's only 94, the quests and mobs are orange, which are great for XP but I have died several times, especially as I could barely focus.

Lil Knifesedge dipped into Guild Wars 2, which has apparently gone free to play today. Not sure she did a great deal apart from dying her armour, which is her favourite part of the game.

I also played a little Marvel Heroes 2015. Easy to veg out with mindless violence, especially with my favourite character, The Punisher and managed to get him up to level 49 so getting closer to one of my targets on my Gamer To Do List.

Plus, Big Explosions

Hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow!

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Friday, 28 August 2015

Blaugust Day 28 - Interview with a mobile gamer (or two)

My wife, here known as Mrs Knifesedge, while not a gamer in the traditional sense, probably clocks up more hours gaming than I do, solely on mobile devices. I thought I'd ask her a few questions to act as a Blog Post, then 4 year old Lil Knifesedge, herself a budding gamer, decided to answer too.

What games are you playing right now?

Mrs Knifesedge (MK): Alphabetty, Words With Friends, Frozen Free Fall and Harvest Swap

Lil Knifesedge (LK): Inside Out: Thought Bubbles, Subway Surfers, Looney Tunes, Jiggity, Paint Monsters, Guild Wars 2 and Marvel Heroes 2015.

What's your favourite gaming platform?

MK: Ipad or Iphone when Ipad is not available

LK: Ipad

Out of all the games you've played in mobile format, what's your favourite? What keeps you coming back to a particular game?

MK: Bejewelled Blitz closely followed by Farm Heroes. Both are engaging and challenging, however when I get to the point I can't go further, I have rage quit both games.

LK: Inside Out: Thought Bubbles. I like how you beat levels and get new characters.

How do you feel about monetisations in mobile games and would you put money into them for convenience?

MK: Definitely not! If you can put money in to win, then what's the point of playing?

LK: Daddy won't let me have his Itunes password.

Thanks to both Mrs and Lil Knifesedge for their input!

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Blaugust Day 27 - More SWTOR and a new character

Well as Blaugust is coming to a close, I've come to the conclusion that I cannot stick to a Gamer to do list! I've started playing two games fairly heavily that I hadn't played a great deal previously and weren't on my plan for the month, Fallout New Vegas and Star Wars The Old Republic. At least I got a few posts out if it!

Back to SWTOR again today and after battling for a while with my Sith Warrior, trying to figure out gear, rotations and how to avoid dying, I decided it might be a nice idea to try a new character. So, Diaspora was born, a Republic Trooper, named after my LOTRO Captain.. I'm really loving the ranged abilities, more suited to my play-style.

Starting from scratch again has turned out to be a great idea. I have a better handle on gear and the quests being more of a military bent. I've also started to have ideas for a back ground of the character, something I rarely do. Diaspora is all about business, very strict in her devotion to the Republic and takes her role very seriously. She also loves the occasional smack down with the butt of her rifle. Not sure she'll get used to her junior officers calling her Sir though.

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Blaugust Day 26 - Dipping back into SWTOR

I first tried Star Wars The Old Republic MMO back when it first became Free to Play. While it reminded me of my beloved Knights of the Old Republic games, I really struggled to get into it. I really wanted to love the game and maybe it was playing as a Free player, which I understand hobbles you considerably (though I've never subscribed, so really don't know what I'm missing)

I have  returned once more, dusting off my Sith Warrior, Prekzok. He's only level 17 and still on Chapter one of the story so I haven't really seen much of the game. I haven't a clue what I'm doing, but shuffling my action bars around somewhat has made me a little more effective in combat so I'll continue to work through the missions in the hope it will start making sense.

My main problem with the game is that it doesn't do a great job of directing new players. I've found I have to read up on guides outside of the game to even get a sense of what I should be doing. I've got all my skills up to date and seem to have a rotation figured out but I still keep regularly dying in on-level content. I will perservere longer than I have previously and if anyone has advise on playing a Sith Maurauder, I'll gladly take it on board, but if I don't get my head round the game this time round, I may just uninstall for the last time.

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Blaugust Day 25 - Arrival in the Entwood

Earlier today I worked through the battle of Helm's Deep in Lotro, which I done several times before. After returning to the Desolation of Isengard, which also felt over familiar, I ventured into the Entwood along the shores of the Entwash. I rushed out of the area on previous characters, in the hurry to get to Gondor so now I have a chance to properly explore the zone.

The area naturally revolves around quests for the Ents, collecting Fangorn Leaves than can be bartered for various goodies.

It is a gorgeous zone, with some beautiful landscapes however the excess of trees can often get in the way. As well as Ents, our old friends, the Bog Lurkers linger around, mostly snoring away.

There's also one set of quests where you have a pet Huorn follow you round and the screen is taken up by a ton of leaves which gets frustrating to the point you have to dismiss the creature.

Some interesting quests, nevertheless some of which are repeatable so I may well linger and barter what I can from the area before moving on. There are a few nice instance quests, similar to the crafting quests in Moria and other areas, where craft nodes are abound as well as a few quests within the instance for those lovely leaves. I think Quickbeam and I will soon be good friends.

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Monday, 24 August 2015

Blaugust Day 24 MMO Pet hates

MMO rant time, my pet hates.

Min maxers - While I take no issue with people that choose to squeeze every last point to get the best possible dps, I do object to people expecting me to do the same. I play a game to have fun, not to study builds and spreadsheets. I used to play board games and tabletop war games with someone like this and it annoyed the hell out of me while he pored through rule books during his turn to find some obscure rule he could exploit.

Players doing slayer deeds and not acknowledging you - Mob grinding is the same in most MMO's but in Lotro, unless you get a hit on a creature or are grouped, you won't get credit for that kill. If I see someone killing multiple mobs in an area, I always offer to group so we are not stealing each other's kills. It's a simple courtesy to at least respond. When they don't, I see red. (Especially when they then make more of an effort to AOE tag every mob before I can get a single hit in.)

Ore ninja whingers - In Lotro, Ore nodes are on a first come first served basis. If I get there first, don't message me calling me rude. Your Rune is not etched into the stone! Same goes for the Treasure Hunt. If I get there before you, bad luck.

Trolls in world chat/ being accused of trolling - I learned the hard way not to poke the Trolls in World chat but if someone offends me in some way, I will speak out and I have been called a troll for doing so!

Drama in kinships - This I cannot abide and I've been on the wrong side of it too many times, usually resulting in me leaving the Kin. Keep your RL issues out of my game and don't ask me to pick a side, as most likely it won't be yours.

Do you have any pet MMO hates?

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Blaugust Day 23 - Returning to The Shire

On the most recent Burton and Scrooge Podcast, Roger mentioned how occasionally returning to Lotro for new content and partly because of an emotional connection to the game. He spoke of riding up Weathertop and having a brief memory of how he felt when doing it for the first time.

This inspired me to return to The Shire. My Captain is currently deeding for Virtues and one of them involves a number of quests in the home of the Hobbits. As I've not yet touched the area with Diaspora, I decided to start from Michel Delving and work my way through. When I first started playing the game several years ago, my first character, Jestro, was a hobbit, so The Shire was my first experience of the game and I've barely been back since. Those memories came flooding back. The music, the scenery, the characters and who doesn't love carrying pies and mail from A to B? When I first pleyed through the area I was on foot (in those days, you didn't get a mount til later in the game), so it feels a lot easier on horseback.

I tied this in with catching up on the Bingo quests, the new weekly content that Turbine are adding to the game and this gave some unfamiliar amusement to break up the content I've seen before. And it was great to see old Farmer Maggot again!

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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Soliloquy for Pan second printing coming from Egaeus

After the success of the first run of the excellent SOLILOQUY FOR PAN, a second printing will be available to pre-order from the Egaeus Press website on the 19th of September. The official publication date will be the equinox (the 23rd of September).
The new printing will have a different Pan on the cover, and different endpapers. It will be limited to 200 copies, and cost £35, including postage worldwide.
A further email will be sent out as soon as pre-ordering becomes available.
It's worth noting that the first printing sold out in just 2 weeks, so get in fast!

Blaugust Day 22 - I'd like to make more videos

Day 22 of Blaugust and looking through Anook page of my fellow Blaugustians, I see many people struggling with writer's block. I wholeheartedly recommend looking through the writing prompts and of course adding one of your own (as I'm running out of ideas too!)

Today I once again have to thanks Void of A Green Mushroom blog.

If you were to create content for a different medium what would you choose? Videos, Streaming, Podcast, Something Else? What about that medium appeals to you as a content creator?

Video would be my choice, and or streaming. I have tried to stream on Twitch but have struggled with my poor internet connection. While I have great download speeds, my upload speeds are seemingly not sufficient. Guild Wars 2 crashes, Lotro sometimes works but stutters. I will endeavour to keep trying and may try to record videos instead though they do seem to take too much work, more time than I like to commit to non-gaming activities.

I'm not stranger to Vlogging. I was there in the early days of Youtube, and later Vloggerheads, in my own little corner, making vlogs complaining about London issues along with book reviews but I never put too much energy into it. Part of me regrets that, seeing how much today's Youtube celebrities are making, but I'm not a natural performer. They still linger there at the back of my Youtube account along with some more recent poorly made gaming videos.

The medium appeals as with gaming it's easy to show and tell to give tips or show viewers how a game plays. That's something I'd like to do more of (having only recently acquired a mic connected to the PC) so lookout for some of that content in the future!

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Friday, 21 August 2015

Blaugust Day 21 - Nostalgia for Kung Fu Master (1984)

Today's topic comes courtesy of Belghast of the Tales of the Aggronaut Blog 

What game that you are not playing, do you still have a deeply nostalgic connection to and why?

This one is easy. Not a modern game by any stretch, but one game that haven't played in ages but have some great memories of is arcade classic, Kung Fu Master.

Released in 1984, when I was just 13 years old, I first encountered the machine at our local cafe. There was always a crowd of Older Boys hogging the machine, and all I got to do was stand and watch (right next to the player if I was very lucky!) Although I never got to play at this time, I learnt all the tricks. When to punch, kick and flying kick to get the highest possible score on each level and all the tricks in tackling the bosses on each level. How to take down the knife throwers, and the flying little people, the dropping vases and snakes they spawn. 

If certain enemies got close enough they grabbed you, draining your energy and you had to wrench the joystick back and forth quickly to shake free. Those techniques are still in my head to this day including the music that to me is as iconic as the Mario Bros tune is to most gamers.

It was a year or so later when the local fair ground that always came around at Easter and through the Summer holidays, had a few of the machines (along with the first of the 4-player Gauntlet machines which remember you could never get close to!)

I was hooked. Using all the skills I'd learnt from watching the Big Lads, I burned through that game, pumping in 10p after 10p until I reached and eventually beat that final 5th Boss. Then, of course, the levels start again only MUCH harder.

Since those days, I have played an emulated version, but it is nothing like the feelings I remember playing the original machine, feet sticking to the floor from dropped candy floss and the blasting 80's pop music in the back ground, friends shouting support and commiserating losses.

Seeing this speed run where the five levels are completed in 6 minutes puts me to shame.

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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Blaugust Day 20 - Gaming to do list update

On his first post for Blaugust, Izlain of the Me Vs Myself and I blog and the excellent Couch Podtatoes Podcast, posted a Gaming To Do List. Earlier in the month I set for myself 5 goals to try and achieve something and potentially create posts around them.

Here are the ground rules he laid down.

Some Guidelines:
  • Don’t add new items to the list until a previous item is removed.
  • Try to write about something that gets checked off the list as soon as you complete it so details are fresh in your mind.
  • Make your to-do list a reasonable size. I found a list around ten items in length is a nice round number. It also keeps you focused on core games.
  • Keep your entries semi-specific. “Leveling to 80″ is a long term goal (unless you’re close). “Clearing this zone” is more reasonable, and completable within the month (though this concept can carry on beyond Blaugust).

1) Get my Lotro Captain, Diaspora up to level 90. She recently reached Edoras so working through the rest of Rohan should make this fairly easy. My excitement for Lotro is back and focussing on this one character has fuelled that.

I managed to hit 90 fairly quickly so decided to add an additional goal for my Lotro gameplay, focus on Virtues. I aimed to get the five I used regularly to 14. After a days of grinding through slayer deeds and the occasional exploration, they are looking a little more healthy but still a way to go.

Charity was 9 - now 10
Compassion was 5 - now 7
Loyalty was 10 - now 11
Justice was 9 - now 14 (YAY!)
Zeal was 8 - still 8

2) Deal with the Lotro Server transfers, as and when Windfola is ready to transfer from. This will involved getting new slots as intend to take them all to. Landroval, sorting banks and wardrobes, setting up a new house, picking new name if necessary and deciding who goes to which kinship. I suspect this may be a fair bit of work.

I've made a start on sorting bags and items on Windfola and the process of server transfers is starting over the next couple of weeks, so it's just a matter of waiting now.

3) In Marvel Heroes, get Punisher to 60 and earn enough splinters to let my daughter pick her own character to level up

I'm finding levelling hard going. Punisher is now level 46. I don't get how some people say they can get from 1-60 in one day, but I'll keep at it.

4) Check back in on H1Z1 and build a new base to see the changes that have made since I played over a month ago.

Not touched H1Z1 in a while and this may well be on the back burner, at least until they do a server wipe and I can be on an equal footing.

5) Try out Alien:Isolation, which has been sitting in my Steam library for some time, as yet unplaced. I've heard good things about this game. I was excited for Colonial Marines for ages and was very disappointed so hopefully this will scratch that Ripley shaped itch.

Not dipped into this yet either. As mentioned on a previous post, playing Fallout Shelter has inspired me to install a game I'd not yet tried and have added a 6th item to the list...

6) Play Fallout: New Vegas when the mood takes me, initial goal to reach level 5.

Have you made your own Gamer to do list? How's it working our for you?

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Blaugust Day 19 - First time chasing Roving Threats in Lotro

Tonight I joined a raid to tackle some of the newer content in Lotro, Roving Threats. These elite level beasts are all over Middle Earth and require a sizable group to take down so running in a raid of 12 is ideal.

Having barely run in this size group before (my raiding experience runs to the ten minute Filkul raid in Moria) I had a great time and got some lovely barter tokens, Gift-Giver's Brands, toward a shiny new weapon.

As time was limited, I only joined the raid for two zones, the frozen wastes of Forochel and the barren plains and hills of Angmar. In around an hour we took down a total of ten of these terrors. As these are aimed at level 100 characters, I was limited to using Pinestro the Warden, so I can't wait to get my Captain to level Cap to join the fun! Of course, that means I might have to amend my Gamer to do list!

Sadly because of how quickly it all happened, I didn't get decent screen shots of everything we killed but here are a few of them.

Gronkerna the Mammoth

Ukko Surma the Ice Giant

Ulkharn the Rogmul

Ashthrok the Fire Troll

Vélnas the Nameless

Amardam the Caerog

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Blaugust Day 17 - Getting some Virtues

First order of business on my Gaming To Do List was to level my Captain, Diaspora to level 90. I have now achieved this, so I have added to the list getting my virtues to at least 14. This is something I've fallen behind on so a lot of deeding is ahead. I recently decided Compassion would be good to work on thanks to the Physical Mitigation so that is lagging behind the others.

I spent the last two days killing Giants and Wargs in the Misty Mountains and doing a few easy quests in Ered Luin, but now I need to come up with a solid plan of getting deeds done. While grindy, the easiest way for me would be slayer quests. I have a stock of Slayer accelerators, scrolls that effectively double my kills so that makes it slightly less painful. I also find exploration quests relatively painful, especially with a map to hand so I might mix a few of this in. 

Here's a list of deeds I'll make a start on over the next few days, which should bring my Compassion up to 10, in line with the others:

East Wall Explorer (Compassion)
Brown Lands Explorer (Compassion)
Invaders of Tham Mirdain (Compassion)
Wolf Slayer in Wildermore (Compassion)
Globsnaga Slayer (Compassion)

Do you make your own plans for deeding in Lotro (or whatever's your grind of choice?) Also, if you play a Captain, how do these choices look? I'm not one for researching a meta, but if you have any advice, it would not be sneered at and dismissed, not immediately anyway :)

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Blaugust Day 18 - Our community and my top 3 blogs and top 3 podcasts

Day 18 of 31 and today I'm struggling for topics, so it's back to the glorious well that is the Blaugust Writing Prompts post on Anook. Once again, Void of A Green Mushroom blog saves the day.

What do you like about the blogging community? What are your top three blogs that you would recommend to others?

Our blogging community and hand in hand, the podcasting community is incredible. Something like Blaugust to evolve into what it has become this year, with so many supportive, creative and friendly people just shows how awesome gaming bloggers are. They take their time to read and comment on other peoples blogs, link to posts, retweet and favourite on social media.

Before Blaugust I didn't read a huge amount of blogs (though I'm a big consumer of podcasts) and I've discovered some varied and interesting writers, not only writing about games I know and love, but games I haven't played that have encouraged me to try them out. Here's three that I've found lately that I really enjoy. I'm not going to try to describe them, just go check them out for yourself!

Adamantly Complacent

Light Falls Gracefully

Stylish Corpse

In addition, I'd like to highlight the three podcasts I devour whenever they come out ahead of all others.

The Burton and Scrooge Podcast

Cat Context

Couch Podtatoes

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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Blaugust Day 16 - My favourite class

Today I'm going back to last years writing prompts. As these were collated by Belghast, I can't credit who originally wrote it, but here it is.

What is your favorite class? Do you play a new type each game that comes out or is there always one type of class that you tend to favor?

Jestro the Hobbit Hunter (Lotro)
Ultimately, any class that is ranged DPS is my class of choice. In my first MMO, Lord of the Rings Online, my very first character was a hunter, pewing pewing with a bow, staying as far back as possible and I prided myself on using traps and crowd control to wipe out any enemies before they reached me. Since switching servers and playing a warden, even that I play as a ranged class, preferring Javelin over spear but the hunter will always be my favourite.

Jestro the Asura Ranger  (Guild Wars 2)

In Guild Wars 2, naturally Ranger is my main and following the short race I so love in LOTRO, that the Asura was a natural choice. Despite Longbow being the favoured weapon among most players, I always preferred short bow so have to get a bit closer but it feels a lot faster to me, and the bleeds are awesome!

The Punisher (Marvel Heroes)
The third MMO that I've spent more time than others is Marvel Heroes and naturally I looked for a ranged class. Hawkeye would be the most likely canditate but I absolutely hate the character in the Avenger's movies (Give me Green Arrow any day, but sadly DC are not welcome in the Marvel Universe for some reason) So, going a little more modern, I tried out the Punisher. I've always been a fan of the character and it suits me down to the ground. Pew Pew with big explosions - what more could a guy want?

Elbereth the Elven Ranger (Neverwinter)

It's been a while since I played, but Neverwinter was once my game of choice and when I first played, there was no ranger class. I played a Rogue for some time which I recall had some ranged skills, but when the Ranger class came out I jumped on board. Sadly I stopped playing not long after that, so never gave the class a fair crack, but maybe one day I'll jump back in, the Ranger will be my main.

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