Saturday, 6 July 2013

A Casual Stroll to Rift

After playing Rift for a couple of weeks, I really started getting into it. I found the Warrior class much more fun than the ranged pet class I'd tried previously and I reached the giddy heights of level 12 on Storri.

 I'd learnt the basics and the more I understood, the better I liked the game. Then I realised my friends from Casual Stroll to Mordor, Merric and Goldenstar, had also got the Rift bug and not only were playing but had started a CSTM guild on the Faeblight server. I'm sure many fans of the their podcast followed them as they have now stopped podcasting and I wanted to do the same, so searched for the Faeblight server, but couldn't find it.

It was then it dawned on me. I was logged into the EU servers, Faeblight is a US server, so I saved my settings and low and behold, I found it. Logging in, I was surprised to see my original character, Jestro! I must have been on the US server back when I tried it before, so I jumped in, made contact with the Guild and joined up. The hunter class wasn't for me though, so I rolled another Storri, exactly the same build (though different cosmetically) and started levelling again from the beginning.

The quests were a lot smoother second time round and as I knew what I was aiming for and where I was going, made for a better experience. The community in the Guild is great so I decided to leave old Storri behind and stick with the new improved Mark II. He's up to level 11 already and I feel not only have I found a fun new game, but some great people to play with.

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