Friday, 9 August 2013

LOTRO - Running content with the Kin

Over the last few weeks we have, as a kinship (Defenders of the Right, that is) set aside Friday evenings/nights as 85 group night. We rarely get more than three show up, which is fine but now we are getting more to 85 the interest in increasing.

Tonight I was reminded of why I love the group aspect of Lotro which I have missed for so long. We started as three hunters (Jestro, Canas and Swiftflight) which was awesome in itself, failing Ford of Bruinen then triumphantly burning through Danneglor. Then we were joined by our resident minstrel, Celestirrh so I hopped to my (albeit rusty) Tank, Saxlang.

As there is no 4 man content we ran a six man skirmish, Thievery and mischief, and managed to clear everything only to fail at the final boss's ( three of them)

Despite our failure, we had done incredibly well, and bonded further as a unit (Swift is a new 85 so this was her first adventure with us) and it makes me look forward to more fun runs hopefully with a few more kinnies along for the ride!

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