Saturday, 18 January 2014

Debut children's horror novel from Simon Paul Woodward

Debut children’s horror writer Simon Paul Woodward releases his thrilling novel ALL THE DEAD THINGS supported by a cinema style trailer with costuming and design created by a team that had worked on five of the Harry Potter films, V for Vendetta and The Dark Knight Rises.

Simon Paul Woodward’s debut children’s horror novel ALL THE DEAD THINGS, released 6th January in paperback and e-book, is supported by a cinematic, promotional film produced by London based Loop Productions.

'Stan Wisdom is cursed by the stifling influence of an overprotective mother and the ability to see monsters invisible to everybody but him. When a new found friendship is threatened, rage leads Stan to reveal himself to the monsters and the hunt is on. Pursued through an endlessly repeating day, Stan uncovers the dark secret fuelling his mothers fear and finds himself at the centre of a supernatural civil-war with the future of life and death at stake.' 

The e-book is currently on an introductory offer for 77p until 31 Jan or £5.89 for the paperback.

For more information about ALL THE DEAD THINGS, please visit

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