Saturday, 24 January 2015

H1Z1 The continued diary of a survivor part 2

Having settled on a server I like - low population, PVE, EU server, I've started to find things from scavenging. SOE have worked on loot tables and it seems to be helping, on this server at least, where there's not tons of people vying for the same salvage.

Today I had a breakthrough, in the form of an axe and a knife. Both make excellent weapons, but the knife allows me to skin animals for meat and cut cloth from zombies. The axe can be use to obtain logs from cutting down trees itself hazardous as it attracts for of the Dead. The wood has multiple uses but most importantly it has given me the opportunity to make a bow drill, a tool to light fires. I've found a little house house with a barbecue out back and using a little charcoal I picked up, I got a fire going and not only cooked the wolf and deer meat I've managed to hunt, with my improvised bow, but I've been able to purify river water and make blackberry juice with all those lovely blackberries that seem to be taking over the world. I now have adequate drinks and food for some time along with weapons to defend myself, so things are looking up. I've also found a turbo for an off-road vehicle, not that I've seen any lying around, and I've manufactured biofuel from animal fat. It would be nice to get some adequate way to communicate with other survivors to set up trades. Right now, the game has audio chat so you can shout at someone within distance, but I don't currently have a mic set up and when I see the audio notice next to someone's name, I can't hear them. Otherwise there's is no text chat so I feel frustrated, unable to communicate.

My next task is to find a crowbar. This elusive item, it appears, is the key to getting scrap metal from old cars and the metal can be used for many things, most importantly nails to start forming a defensive base in which to hole up.

Overall, H1Z1 is shaping up to be excellent. SOE are making almost daily updates to fix bugs and add things and the dev tracker clearly shows how transparent they are being in the development of the game.

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