Sunday, 1 March 2015

New Season, 2015 - And we're off!

So this year I've taken on a half plot at my local allotment and there's a ton of work to be done.

 Not only is this a much larger growing space but it comes with a shed and makeshift greenhouse/lean-to. It's not fully covered but will be a good spot for the small plastic greenhouse I picked up on sale at the end of last season.

The plot also has a nice set of backberry and raspberry bushes as well as what I'm told are blackcurrant bushes.

After a couple of weeks of rain, I managed to get a couple of days digging and transplanted my strawberry plants from my old raised bed.

I've made a started on planting beans - Borlotti and Yard Long Beans, all in toilet tubes. I've also started off Tomatoes in a 50p propagator (another end of 2014 season bargain) - 5 x Supersweet 100 F1, 5 x Sungold F1 and 14 x Tigrella.


  1. Looks like a great start to me, Craig. Quick thought on the strawbs - are you planning to put down a straw mulch to keep the fruit out of the mud so they don't spoil?

  2. I usually put straw down as they start flowering. Is there any benefit in doing it sooner?

  3. No, you're quite right - too soon and it could rot before it's any use. Once they're flowering is spot on, I reckon :)