Affectionately known by the Defenders of the Right as simply The Bounties, any call of such on kin chat sets hearts racing as everyone leaps on their 55+ toons to join in.
Simply put, this is a series of 5 daily quests, where the adventurers are set on a path from the Misty Mountains to North Downs via Trollshaws, The Shire and Forochel on an epic battle against 5 five fearsome creatures.
In this post I endeavour to make these quests clear for those that haven’t yet done them, and give newcomers an idea of what to expect.

This is Niels. He can be found in pretty much the central square of Esteldin, and offer’s the five bounty quests required to kick start the fun.
As the quests can be easily shared, it makes sense for one character to grab these, preferably the hunter, who will prove invaluable to the fellowship in these quests.

Once the quests are obtained, the first point of call is the camp in the Misty Mountains. The order is by no means set in stone, though my personal preference is to start in the Misty Mountains as this is the hardest and if you can handle this one, the others will be simple.
The camp site is just south of Helegrod and North of Gloin’s camp, this acts as the perfect muster point to gather the fellowship together. For Hunters that regularly run these quests, having this set as your campsite can prove a great time saver.

Once everyone is together, the fellowship need to make their way to High Pass (27.8S, 5.3E) and the lair of Rothlug – The Drake of Storms.
He is an Elite Master Drake with fire damage attacks, and 36k Morale. One point to note when dealing with him is he will throw you off the edge of the mountain if you’re not careful, so keep you backs to the wall and hit him with all you’ve got.
As with all the quests here described, loot and run to a safe distance, respawn is fairly quick.
Once you are sure everyone has looted and is together, the hunter can port to the next location, Ost Guruth. From Ost Gurth, take a slow horse to Thorenhad then part way through the Trollshaws, leap off your mount.

Look for the point where you enter a valley as that is the best point, but keep an eye on the quest arrow and you’ll have a good idea. From there, it’s a short run north until you find the statues of Tom, William and Bert, the trolls that Bilbo encountered and were turned to stone. Step beyond the statues and your next quarry will appear, Dhit the Troll.

Dhit is fairly easy pickings compared to the previous encounter, so do your stuff – slay, loot and run away to a safe distance before respawn.
Next port is to Michel Delving in the Shire. From there, it’s a short ride north into the marshes to find Mangemaw.

This giant wolf sits on a hill and is probably the easiest of the five. Kill, loot, run.

Next up is Suri Kyla in Forochel. From there you need to take a fast stable horse to Kuru Leiri. It’s possible not everyone will have this travel route in which case the easiest method is to summon once the party get there, but the route can be achieved by completing the quest, Frozen War which is obtained from Vamma in the main tent in Suri Kyla.
Once at Kuru-Leiri, it’s a quick run to the east to find the cave of Farathlug.

As the mobs in Forochel might be green to anyone at 55-56 you might have a few pulls, so dispatch them before approaching the cave. The cave itself is protected by 2 Ice Worms which need to be killed before Farathlug makes his appearance, but once he does, kill, loot and run.

Final port of call is Evendim. From Tinnidur, take a slow horse to Esteldin or Trestlebridge, as again you will jump off part way. The point to jump is a couple of bends after you pass through the gate of Evendim into North Downs. Again, keep an eye on the quest tracker and you can’t go wrong.

In a small abandoned ruin, Morrafn sleeps. Take out a couple of trash mobs before he shows himself, then let loose. Kill, loot, run.
That’s it! Now all you need is to port back to Esteldin, and in to Niels and get your rewards.
And now the here’s the reason for doing this
Rothlug. Simple Heritage Rune of Learning 35,000 + 6259 item exp
Dhit. Simple Rune of Lore 22,500 + 6259 item exp
Farathlug. Simple Rune of Learning 15,000 +6259 item exp
Morrafn. Worn Rune of Knowledge 10,000 +3779 item exp
Mangemaw. Worn Rune of Knowledge 10,000 +3779 item exp
So overall that’s 26335 Item Exps plus 92500 xps for specific weapons. For half an hours work! What are you waiting for?