Monday, 18 August 2014

Blaugust day 18 . Back in the saddle

Well after some fiddling about with the innards of my Alienware, I managed to get it to boot. The fan still sounds like a 747 taking off, but having builders working both next door and opposite my house, you can barely tell!

So between working, I managed to get into a couple of games. 

Much of the day has been Eve Online. I am starting to love the game more and more, as I uncover even more complexities within. My main, Aeldritch Marstoldt is an industrialist, mainly mining ore and ice. I recently obtained a new mining vessel, known as a Mackinaw. Pretty powerful beast and after the hefty initial investment, it's paying off, so much of today has been playing with him.

One of my alts, David Lystre, is a specialist salvager, based on the outskirts of space, null sec. He's a very new character, so he's a tiny fish in a massive pond of sharks, but he manages to survive. His speciality is lurking around PvP areas and salvaging things quickly. Today I got him trained in high speed manoeuvres and cloaking, so that will aid him greatly.

In addition to Eve, I made a brief return the Guild Wars 2. I've not played in a couple of weeks, but I decided to roll a new character today, for some reason, a Charr Thief. Didn't get much time to play him, but I enjoyed what I saw. I don't get have a cap toon in GW2 so I still have so much to experience and in enjoying taking it slowly.

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