Sunday, 17 August 2014

PS3 gets a workout (Blaugust Day2/17)

Blaugust day 2 for me (day 17 for everyone else!) and the PC is still dead. Rather than trying to play Eve on the superslow laptop, I dusted off the PS3 today and dug into a couple of games I haven't played in some time.

First up, GTA V. I love this game, but access to the family TV is a rarity, so in the several months I've had the game, I've still not finished the offline story and have hardly played online either. Loaded up Trevor, one of the offline characters, to find him waking up in the middle of the desert in a nightgown, "If I find the deer that pissed on me," he growls, "I'll eat his liver." This game never fails to amuse.

After blasting through a couple of fun missions, I loaded my level 12 Online character. There have been a ton of updates since I last played, though I'm probably not advanced enough to notice the changes. Seems no-one else was in my session, so couldn't run any group missions, but did a few parachute missions, which I've never seen before. Great fun!

Finally I fired up Call of Duty - Black Ops 2. I've barely played this but have been through most of the previous games. I used to love them, especially those based in WW II, but the games seem to just be more of the same. I'm not great at FPS games, so I tend to just run through and hope for the best until I finish them.

I miss LOTRO :(

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