Friday, 29 May 2015

Darkest Dungeon: Fiends and Frenzy

Great news from the great folks behind the marvellous Darkest Dungeon - their first major content patch, entitled Fiends and Frenzy, with a ton new features. If you haven't jumped in already, this is an outstanding but brutal rogue-like and well worth it!

  • New Hero Class! Man-At-Arms
  • New Hero Class! Arbalest
  • New Ruins Boss! Gibbering Prophet
  • New Warens Boss! Formless Flesh
  • New Weald Boss! Brigand Cannon
  • New Loot: “The Ancestor’s Trinket set” is a group of ultra-rare items once held by the Ancestor himself – be warned, some of these trinkets are only found in the pitch dark!
  • New Building! Ancestor’s Statue: Click the statue to open the Ancestor’s Memoirs – a record of all cutscenes and boss backstories!
  • Heart Attacks! Don’t let your heroes get too stressed. If your stress bar fills again past affliction…it’s over.
  • Sell your junk!  In the Trinket Inventory, hold shift to see sell back value, shift+click to sell trinkets
  • Crit-heals!  Heal, critically!
  • Tons of Party Names as created by Kickstarter and Humble backers!

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