Friday, 8 May 2015

LOTRO Title Giveaway #2

As with my recent mount giveaway for LOTRO, I have some codes for titles to hand out as modelled below by Captain Diaspora. Comment below with your choices (You can choose more than one, or all if you like!)

As before, leave a contact email or Twitter handle and I'll be in touch with the codes for the winners. Draw will take place on Friday May 15th.

Hero of the Small Folk

The Wise

The Celebratory

The Sociable


  1. My hobbit would love Hero of the Small folk, but The Celebratory would be a nice consolation prize!
    My lore master likewise would do well to sport the Wise.

    (I already have the sociable) Best of luck all!

    1. Oh, we're doing consolation prizes? In that case, my warden could do with Hero of the Small folk and my rune-keeper with The Sociable! You know, not to let those titles rot away... ;)

    2. Absolutely! Put your name down for as many as you like! The titles are also account wide.