Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Mid June and everything is flourishing!

 Another gorgeous summery afternoon so the little 'un and I went to check on things and give everything a much needed water.

Three separate plantings of lettuce are coming along nicely, as is the spinach,  surprisingly without a single sign of slug attack.

Sweetcorn has been doing well at last and the local greengrocer had some plants in, so picked up another 9 to add to mine, making it now 29.

I have more space coming free, so I'm tempted to grow another batch as it's something all of us enjoy , especially grilled on the barbeque!

The cucumbers are starting to flourish and grow up the cylindrical cages I've made for them. One has even popped a flower already!

The little greenhouse is doing well, mostly taken up with Jalapeno plants and some purple sprouting brocolli ready for planting out later. A solitary tomato plant is doing ok, though probably needs a bigger pot.

Most of the plot


  1. What a wonderful garden! Best of luck with the corn. Can't for the life of us keep it going in our garden. Either it's the subject of squirrel and bird attacks or it just doesn't flourish.

    1. Thanks! I tried corn for the first time last year and didn't do so well so fingers crossed for this year.