Thursday, 2 June 2016

Back again!

So life has taken a crazy side turn and time has become an incredibly precious commodity. Earlier in the year I decided it was time to start some kind of gainful employment, having spent the last few years  taking care of my little one and a little part time work for an online company beginning with G. I decided to return to something that interested me during my time running restaurants and employing foreign students, Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

I jumped online earlier in the year, signed up for a 50 hour course and breezed through it, despite some health issues. A few weeks ago I discovered a great platform to offer my services using Skype, linking tutors with students on a one to one basis. In the space of just three weeks, I have accrued over a dozen regular students and have been teaching back to back every day!

Despite my lack of formal experience, these lovely people have flocked to my profile and signed up. I don't know if it's a general lack tutors available, or lack of native English speakers teaching, but whatever the reason it's awesome, and exhausting!

So today, for the first time in three weeks I have mostly a free day so I actually got to play some games and thought it would be a good time to try and push myself to blog again. I may even create a blog relating to teaching English, at least to advertise my services, if nothing else!

Long story short, I've played some games and it's been great! After a week of daily customer support where They suggest one thing by email on a daily basis, I finally got Total War Warhammer to work on my system. This is the first game I've bought on release day in years ( and may be the last, given my experience) and have been frothing at the bit to play so today I was over to moon to finally get to try it. And it's great! The feel of Total War that we know and love is there but given the polish of Warhammer, taking me back to my teens of playing the tabletop war game (and my late thirties, when I played for a short time with it with my nephew). I've started out with a Greenskin army (I still have my Orc and goblin figures in the attic) and had great fun with it.

I also grabbed the recent Humble Bundle and played some of Steve Jackson's Sorcery, adapted from the choose your own adventure books of the early 80's that set me on the path to RPGs. When I saw the image of the armoured sergeant from Shamutanti Hills, my heart jumped straight into my mouth, so powerful was the memory.

I've also been sent a review copy of tower builder, space transport sim, Space Run Galaxy, sequel to Space Run. It's very interesting and I hope to spent a fair bit of time with the game before putting a review out there. I've also been offered a copy of The Technomancer, so watch this space for more on that.

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