Friday, 26 August 2016

Blaugust 2016 Day 19 Return to Mass Effect 2 and a little pbp update

I've had an incredibly busy few days, with lots of work and no time to game. I got in a little No Man's Sky here and there but no major progress. Last night however I managed to carve out of a whole hour and decided it was time to tackle something from my list of RPGs from my Gaming Goals post.

Mass Effect 2 always comes to mind when I want to get a game finished so I dived in. I managed to get plenty in during that short time. I completed a mission I had been in the middle of retrieving a new member of my crew, Mordin Solus, the Doctor with a shady past in the Special Task Force, a great character with a very pleasing clipped way of speaking.

I also tracked the original Normandy and visited where it crashed, placing a monument to remember it by and finding a few dog tags from the lost crew.

It served as a good reminder how good the game is and I look forward to dipping back in.

Not much time for gaming tonight, I've been working on my Play By Post games. The Warhammer game is about to kick off with a new adventure and Call of Cthulhu: A Time for Harvest is heating up as the players approach the end of part one of the campaign and uncover something long hidden.

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