Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Blaugust Day 2 - What I'm playing now.

My PC gaming has been reduced lately thanks to other pursuits like teaching but I have found a little time each night to play something. I spent some time playing The Technomancer which I reviewed here and I've been trying out the Beta of  The Last Leviathon but feel it needs more polish before I review that. I've also been roaming about with Pokemon Go but that's an entire post in itself.

Aside from that, much of my gaming time of late has been in Neverwinter. It's one of those MMO's I keep going back to and unlike LOTRO which I get frustrated with very quickly, Neverwinter always sucks me back in for longer periods. There is so much content including user generated adventures that I never get bored and the seasonal events are always worth playing.

The recent Anniversary and Summer events have both given me worthwhile goodies in the form of new mounts and pets and I've rolled a whole new character, Storri the Dwarven Paladin, who's reached level 20 over several sessions.

I have a lovely War Boar for Storri, something I always wanted in LOTRO but could never have.

I've also found a lovely guild that feels very much a family, something I never found in Guild Wars 2, Archeage, Blade and Soul our Black Desert Online, my four most recent MMOs. I find that makes all the difference in wanting to log in.

I've taken to trying out group content, something I've rarely done in other MMOs as the grouping system is so simple and there is considerably less griefing from other players regarding your gear or general ability.

My daughter has discovered that she loves Skyrim and watching her has given me a taste to jump back into ESO, so I might just do that!

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