Friday, 19 August 2016

Blaugust 2016 Day 15 - No Man's Sky and increasing inventory space guide

One of the early tricks I learned playing No Man's Sky is how to increase your personal inventory space in your suit. Upgrades are basically available from Drop Pods, found at Shelter sites. There is a trick to finding these and you can do this multiple times, even in your starter planet.
First off, you need to find one of the settlements and it must have one of these Signal Scanners, that sends an orange light shooting into the air. In order to use this device, you need a Bypass Chip, an item easily crafted with the most basic of materials, 10 Plutonium and 10 Iron.

Using this device you can then select which building to track. Select Shelter and the scanner will then find the nearest one. You can also use these when exploring to find Monoliths, Colonial Outposts and Transmission sites.

If you then take your ship and fly to that shelter, with a bit of luck, you should find a drop pod. Land your ship and head straight to it.

If there is a drop pod, it will look like this. Head inside to obtain your upgrade.

This is the upgrade. The first one is fairly cheap but the more you obtain, the more expensive they get, the priciest running to 50000 Units.


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