Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Blaugust Day 3 - Play by Post RPGs

It has now been a full three months since I reinvigorated my love for pen and paper RPGs relaunching my Play by mail games as Play by Post at Gamersplane.

I have two regular games running, the first using Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition rules and a scenario called Fear the Wurst, a classic from the now long-gone Hogshead Games who briefly published Warhammer and associated sourcebooks.

The adventure takes place in the village of Heideldorf during the annual Wurstfest. The group of bold adventurers consist of, Laurellia the young Wood Elf Bounty Hunter, Old Lady Try'lla the crazy Elven Soothsayer, Yuri Sykora, Kislevite entertainer with his trained pot-bellied pig Hamilton, Gustaf Bieswang the human physician, and Gottri Shalebreaker grumpy Dwarven Watchman.Employed by Heinz Schiffer, host of the festival, they are led a merry dance around the environs and uncover something about the festival they really didn't want to know.

The second game is set in the lastest (7th) edition of Call of Cthulhu test running a forthcoming adventure called A Time to Harvest set in the late 1920's. The group of investigators are all students at Miskatonic University, Jon Masterson Archaeology student, Angel Martin Literature student, Mathis Steele engineer student and survivalist, Father Simon Brubaker Catholic Priest studying Applied religion, Joseph Locke, also studying religion and Harry Wolfe a journalist student. Along with a few other students, the group are on a field expedition to the Town of Cobb's Corner, a hotbed of myths and legends and site of archaeological interest. The group discover that the previous years expedition ended in disaster with one student dead and two going missing. Now strange things are afoot including unusual beasts living around the farmhouse in which they stay.

Both adventures are running extremely well and after three months of almost daily posts, they are coming to a close.

I am also bringing my other long running Call of Cthulhu campaign over to Gamersplane, currently running the classic Shadows of Yog Sothoth.

All three of these games will soon have vacancies, so if anyone is interested in trying out play by post, drop me a line!

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