Saturday, 29 August 2015

Blaugust Day 29 - Pax Flu and I'm not even there!

I seem to have suddenly come down with something, so I don't feel good at all today but as we're so close to the end of Blaugust, I just had to get a post in.

I've not had a great deal of energy to play much today, tried a little Lotro. Diaspora has made it through the Paths of the Dead, so is starting the initial Gondor quests. As she's only 94, the quests and mobs are orange, which are great for XP but I have died several times, especially as I could barely focus.

Lil Knifesedge dipped into Guild Wars 2, which has apparently gone free to play today. Not sure she did a great deal apart from dying her armour, which is her favourite part of the game.

I also played a little Marvel Heroes 2015. Easy to veg out with mindless violence, especially with my favourite character, The Punisher and managed to get him up to level 49 so getting closer to one of my targets on my Gamer To Do List.

Plus, Big Explosions

Hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow!

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