Thursday, 20 August 2015

Blaugust Day 20 - Gaming to do list update

On his first post for Blaugust, Izlain of the Me Vs Myself and I blog and the excellent Couch Podtatoes Podcast, posted a Gaming To Do List. Earlier in the month I set for myself 5 goals to try and achieve something and potentially create posts around them.

Here are the ground rules he laid down.

Some Guidelines:
  • Don’t add new items to the list until a previous item is removed.
  • Try to write about something that gets checked off the list as soon as you complete it so details are fresh in your mind.
  • Make your to-do list a reasonable size. I found a list around ten items in length is a nice round number. It also keeps you focused on core games.
  • Keep your entries semi-specific. “Leveling to 80″ is a long term goal (unless you’re close). “Clearing this zone” is more reasonable, and completable within the month (though this concept can carry on beyond Blaugust).

1) Get my Lotro Captain, Diaspora up to level 90. She recently reached Edoras so working through the rest of Rohan should make this fairly easy. My excitement for Lotro is back and focussing on this one character has fuelled that.

I managed to hit 90 fairly quickly so decided to add an additional goal for my Lotro gameplay, focus on Virtues. I aimed to get the five I used regularly to 14. After a days of grinding through slayer deeds and the occasional exploration, they are looking a little more healthy but still a way to go.

Charity was 9 - now 10
Compassion was 5 - now 7
Loyalty was 10 - now 11
Justice was 9 - now 14 (YAY!)
Zeal was 8 - still 8

2) Deal with the Lotro Server transfers, as and when Windfola is ready to transfer from. This will involved getting new slots as intend to take them all to. Landroval, sorting banks and wardrobes, setting up a new house, picking new name if necessary and deciding who goes to which kinship. I suspect this may be a fair bit of work.

I've made a start on sorting bags and items on Windfola and the process of server transfers is starting over the next couple of weeks, so it's just a matter of waiting now.

3) In Marvel Heroes, get Punisher to 60 and earn enough splinters to let my daughter pick her own character to level up

I'm finding levelling hard going. Punisher is now level 46. I don't get how some people say they can get from 1-60 in one day, but I'll keep at it.

4) Check back in on H1Z1 and build a new base to see the changes that have made since I played over a month ago.

Not touched H1Z1 in a while and this may well be on the back burner, at least until they do a server wipe and I can be on an equal footing.

5) Try out Alien:Isolation, which has been sitting in my Steam library for some time, as yet unplaced. I've heard good things about this game. I was excited for Colonial Marines for ages and was very disappointed so hopefully this will scratch that Ripley shaped itch.

Not dipped into this yet either. As mentioned on a previous post, playing Fallout Shelter has inspired me to install a game I'd not yet tried and have added a 6th item to the list...

6) Play Fallout: New Vegas when the mood takes me, initial goal to reach level 5.

Have you made your own Gamer to do list? How's it working our for you?

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