Monday, 10 August 2015

Blaugust Day 11 - Assassin's Creed - A game series I can't let go

This post is on answer to a writing prompt from Void of the A Green Mushroom blog.

 Is there any particular game series that you will always be attached to? What is it that makes the series as a whole compelling (as opposed to just a certain game in the series)?

For me, there have a number of series I have been attached too, Call of Duty I was a huge fan of from the beginning, but more because of the World War 2 aspects in the early games. When devolved into the current Modern Warfare incarnation, I lost interest.

One game that has kept my interest though, is Assassin's Creed. With the exception of the latest game, which I'm led to believe is buggy as Hell, thanks to Ubisoft rushing it out, the series has kept me gripped. From historical aspects to the incredible free-running game play, I love it. Climbing towers to reach the top, particularly when there's a view point to be found is always excillerating to me and the chases through the streets and across rooftops, no matter what the setting is thrilling.

The more recent games, set in The American Revolution and Pirate eras have introduced an excellent crafting system, giving even more depth and the games seem to have the right level of collectables to make me want to find them all without it becoming a grind.

I'm very much looking forward to the forthcoming game in the series, set in Victorian London. Having lived there for over 20 years, any game in that setting interests me (GTA London was especially awesome) but throw in Assassins and you've got me!

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  1. I also love the AC series! I end up picking up every main game, even though some are hits and some are misses at this point. I just love the premise and the moment-to-moment gameplay. Even the last one, despite it's bugs.

    I'm excited for the next one to release in a few months. Industrial revolution London looks like a fun playground!

  2. I still haven't played a single one of these games!