Thursday, 13 August 2015

Blaugust Day 13 - Fallout New Vegas playthrough begins

So it's not on my Gaming To Do List, but all this playing of Fallout Shelter has put me in the mood for some Post-Apocolyptic survival and as I've never played through Fallout New Vegas (but have played Fallout 3 to death) I thought I'd give it a go. So far it's been awesome! My character is Eldritch, a messenger who got caught up in the wrong group of people.

Reading up a little on the game, I found that a lot of builds are suggested along with roleplaying archetypes. While I haven't thought too much about this, I have gone down a very specific route with stats, so here they are.
A lower than average Endurance and Luck and an increase Perception and massively increased Agility (10) this should have a big impact on guns and sneak skills.

On skills, Eldritch has specialised in Energy Weapons, Guns, Medicine and Science. He's not a huge talker and will usually shoot first and ask questions later.

With regard to Perks, I picked Built to Destroy giving an increase on Crits, Swift Learner giving me increased experience and Trigger Discipline increasing gun and energy weapon accuracy by 20% but reducing speed by the same amount.

Someone saved me from death in the Town of Goodsprings so Eldritch has a debt to the town he's looking to pay off before he finds who very nearly killed him. Maybe those rough looking Powder Gangers need dealing with...

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