Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Blaugust Day 12 - Back home and gaming firmly on the agenda!

After just over a week touring up and down the gorgeous Portuguese coast I am now back at my PC and ready to game. I almost didn't get round to posting today after the long journey home and getting straight onto Steam after unpacking, but felt that missing a day would only put me further behind and let my gaming suffer.

So today, I got straight back into LOTRO and to the first on my agenda of my Gaming To Do List, getting my Captain Diaspora up to level 90 (over a glass of Graham's Tawny Port). As it happens, she's already further ahead than I thought, at level 87 so this should be fairly easy to achieve with a little dedication. Tonight I quested mostly around Dunharrow, the staging area of the troops leaving Edoras. I've only done this area once before on my warden,and even that was rushed, so the quests felt fresh and I took the time to read the quests, something I've not done in a while. By the end of questing, I was very close to 88, a good start to my short term goal.

Rescuing Rohirrim from the White Hand Orcs

Riding through the wilds of Dunharrow

In other gaming news, I picked up the latest Humble Bundle, this one from Bandai Namco. A number of interesting looking games, but notably the Star Trek movie spin off game, which has been on my Steam Wishlist for a while, as well as Dark Souls which I've heard lots about but never tried it out. For a peasly $10 (partially to charity), this bundle was a steal.

So it's good to be back. Tomorrow I may dip into Marvel Heroes and work on Punisher and a little more LOTRO.

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