Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Blaugust Day 17 - Getting some Virtues

First order of business on my Gaming To Do List was to level my Captain, Diaspora to level 90. I have now achieved this, so I have added to the list getting my virtues to at least 14. This is something I've fallen behind on so a lot of deeding is ahead. I recently decided Compassion would be good to work on thanks to the Physical Mitigation so that is lagging behind the others.

I spent the last two days killing Giants and Wargs in the Misty Mountains and doing a few easy quests in Ered Luin, but now I need to come up with a solid plan of getting deeds done. While grindy, the easiest way for me would be slayer quests. I have a stock of Slayer accelerators, scrolls that effectively double my kills so that makes it slightly less painful. I also find exploration quests relatively painful, especially with a map to hand so I might mix a few of this in. 

Here's a list of deeds I'll make a start on over the next few days, which should bring my Compassion up to 10, in line with the others:

East Wall Explorer (Compassion)
Brown Lands Explorer (Compassion)
Invaders of Tham Mirdain (Compassion)
Wolf Slayer in Wildermore (Compassion)
Globsnaga Slayer (Compassion)

Do you make your own plans for deeding in Lotro (or whatever's your grind of choice?) Also, if you play a Captain, how do these choices look? I'm not one for researching a meta, but if you have any advice, it would not be sneered at and dismissed, not immediately anyway :)

This post is part of the Blaugust 2015 initiative. If you are interested in taking part, all the information can be found by clicking the logo below.

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