Sunday, 2 August 2015

Blaugust Day 3 - My Kinship's very own pub in LOTRO

They're a very creative bunch, The Courserrim, my kinship on Lotro's Landroval server but tonight I was invited to take a look at the latest creation, our very own Public House.

There are some very nice touches; yellow and green flowered wallpaper (flock, I'm sure, if I could feel it), tables of tankards and all the kegs and shelves stacked with mugs you could wish for.

The pub was designed by Kin leader, Bredhe and Kin-friend, Daffodilia, with a little colour inspiration from yours truly. Stools were provided by the House of Trecalia.

We are on the lookout for a 'Laden Tasting Table', a fairly rare item, so if anyone of Landroval has one spare, please get in touch. We'll allow you honourary membership and all the beer you can drink!

And, of course, if anyone is looking for a friendly kinship on Landroval, with a strong interest in the source material, The Courserrim, which also incorporates the award winning Remediators band,  welcome new applicants.

Our kinship page is and you can contact Bredhe in game for more information. We are also on Anook at

Captain Diaspora, enjoying a pint.

A good spot to sit after a pint or two

Another great spot, I think I may have dozed off.

A very sinister looking keg

No shortage of Ale!

This post is part of the Blaugust 2015 initiative. If you are interested in taking part, all the information can be found by clicking the logo below.


  1. I wasn't aware how strong a toolset LOTRO had for RPers until I saw a band playing on a stream not that long ago. Seems like a strong game for that sort of thing!

    1. The housing options are pretty but still clunky, you can only put things in specific places? The music system however, is outstanding, unlike anything I've seen in another MMO and a whole scene of bands has grown around it, spawning events like Weatherstock that happened just last week.

  2. Looks nice! It would be lovely if the housing system was given a once (or perhaps even twice) over to update some systems to put it more in line with some other current MMOs out there.

    It'd also be great to bring back the Bounder's Bounty event, for the mere sake of all the stuff you could pick up. They don't even need to reset/add to the leaderboards already in existence in Michel Delving, keep that data as is. Just let us farm some more of the coins for the steed/decorations (maybe throw a couple new items, ie more cosmetic pets?).

    1. There was word fairly recently that it would be getting some love but we know how things get pushed to the back burner. It surprises me that it's not a priority for Turbine as I would imagine a majority of their micro-transactions come from cosmetic fluff.

      Good idea on the Bounder's Event. It's a shame when items are available for a short time and never appear again.

  3. Courserrim? As in, alumni of the Coursera class? What great company to be in. I missed that boat, but I'll be sure to look you guys up if I ever return to Landy for any significant span of time.

    One thing I like about this 'pub', from what I can see from the shots anyway, is how open and uncluttered it is - and no immersion-breaking trophies! That's as it should be. Now all that remains is to encourage frequent patronage. Do you guys also open doors to the public?

    1. (Thought I'd replied to this but it's not showing, so apologies if I'm repeating myself) - Yes, I was in the first year of the Coursera class and helped found the kinship. Today we take on new students and anyone else interested in the source material.

      There is one trophy I didn't feature - the moose head with a pipe, wholly fitting I thought!

  4. Nice setup. I haven't played Lotro, but I have made a tavern in EQ2. Had screenshots of it, but can't find the dang things.