Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Blaugust Day 25 - Arrival in the Entwood

Earlier today I worked through the battle of Helm's Deep in Lotro, which I done several times before. After returning to the Desolation of Isengard, which also felt over familiar, I ventured into the Entwood along the shores of the Entwash. I rushed out of the area on previous characters, in the hurry to get to Gondor so now I have a chance to properly explore the zone.

The area naturally revolves around quests for the Ents, collecting Fangorn Leaves than can be bartered for various goodies.

It is a gorgeous zone, with some beautiful landscapes however the excess of trees can often get in the way. As well as Ents, our old friends, the Bog Lurkers linger around, mostly snoring away.

There's also one set of quests where you have a pet Huorn follow you round and the screen is taken up by a ton of leaves which gets frustrating to the point you have to dismiss the creature.

Some interesting quests, nevertheless some of which are repeatable so I may well linger and barter what I can from the area before moving on. There are a few nice instance quests, similar to the crafting quests in Moria and other areas, where craft nodes are abound as well as a few quests within the instance for those lovely leaves. I think Quickbeam and I will soon be good friends.

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